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This is John Grisham‘s perspective of Dudy Noble Field, Polk-Dement Stadium and what it means to a Dawg Fan.  It can’t be articulated any better than this.  It is reprinted with his permission.

It is tempting, in this short space, to talk about people. I could write pages about the young men who’ve played at Dudy Noble. I could go on and on about those electric moments, such as Burke’s grand slam, back to back home runs by Clark and Palmeiro, Raffo’s monstrous shots, Showalter’s .459, B. J.’s 19 strikeouts, Thigpen’s throws to the plate, Pete’s dirty uniform, the easy grace of Jody Hurst chasing fly balls, and on and on. Read more

Mid July Update

You know, I decided rather than doing a tweet or a hundred with player updates that I would just create a single post with all the information here. So let’s get started.

Through 32 games in the Cal Ripken League, Cody Brown is having a good summer with a homer, 4 doubles, 11 RBI and 14 stolen bases. He also played in the league All Star game.

There are several Bulldogs honing their skills in the Cape Code League this summer. Read more

Technology in college football: The evolution of video and film study

Not that there is anything at all about baseball in this article, but I bet if you were to check with most baseball teams, you would find out they use a lot of digital media in their practice and game preparation.

If you look around Dudy Noble Field during fall and spring practice, you will see at least three or four cameras recording the activity during the scrimmage.   And I am sure there are just as many recordng activities during pre-scrimmage activities.  This way, coaches can benchmark a player and if they go into a slump, they can review tape of when they were doing better and try to fix the problem.

Additionally, with the advent of the SEC network, coaches can record game footage of every conference team, and many regional teams that may be on the schedule.  This helps to game plan the hitting and pitching philosophy for that particular opponent.

At least that is the way I see it.  So if you have a few minutes, check out the article below, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment area.

How has video and film room technology changed the way college football is played and coached?

Source: Technology in college football: The evolution of video and film study | SI.com

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