What is Leftfield Lounge

This is John Grisham‘s perspective of Dudy Noble Field, Polk-Dement Stadium and what it means to a Dawg Fan.  It can’t be articulated any better than this.  It is reprinted with his permission.

It is tempting, in this short space, to talk about people. I could write pages about the young men who’ve played at Dudy Noble. I could go on and on about those electric moments, such as Burke’s grand slam, back to back home runs by Clark and Palmeiro, Raffo’s monstrous shots, Showalter’s .459, B. J.’s 19 strikeouts, Thigpen’s throws to the plate, Pete’s dirty uniform, the easy grace of Jody Hurst chasing fly balls, and on and on. Read more

Mr Mike Runs the Bases

Ran across this video tonight while going through some pictures from last baseball season.  It’s one of the guys we met in Tallahassee regional in 2007 on the way to Omaha.  Mike and David and SCott are big Florida State fans, but wound up hanging out with us at our tailgate down there.  They had fun.  Said they would come visit us in Leftfield Lounge in Starkville sometime.

They did…in 2008.  And they have been back EVERY year since.  They come EVERY Super Bulldog Weekend, no matter WHO FSU is playing.

Last year, Mike decided to run the bases with the kids after the Sunday game.  He reminded us that when it comes to baseball, we are all still young at heart.

See you guys in April.   Until then, check out the video below.  And watch the look on Walker Kines’ face as Mike rounds first heading to second!

Cohen’s Club Ranked 14th in Baseball America Preseason Poll ##HailStateBB

Photo Credit: LeftFieldLounge.com

Another day, another poll.  This one from Baseball America.  Dogs show up at number 14.  Not bad.  But come out and check out the team for yourself.  Next scrimmage is tomorrow at 5:15.

Get there if you can.  Sure it might be chilly, but at least it won’t be blizzarding like it could be in New York or Boston  or someplace like that.  SSo you got that going for you, which is nice.

Now, you know the drill.  Click the link below.

Cohen’s Club Ranked 14th in Baseball America Preseason Poll 

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