Freaky Friday


Just sitting around looking at some of the baseball scores from yesterday at D1Baseball and the season just keeps throwing surprises at me.  And may I say, I saw my first “21 second ball” yesterday in the Belmont game.  The Belmont pitcher kept shaking off signs from the catcher.  Shook him off three times.  Didn’t get the chance for the ohfer….the clock hit zero, and the plate ump stepped out and called a ball.  Of course, the very next pitch, the pitcher threw a strike, so it did not hurt him.  My friend Mark Etheridge at tweeted a question about does the 21 second ball count in the pitch count.  My thought is yes, because what if it had been a 21 second strike resulting in a strikeout.  Oh well, we will wait to see that ugliness if it ever occurs!

Upsets Rule the Day

Over the last week, we saw TCU get beat, Rice losing to Lamar, and Texas losing to Texas A&M CC.  And Friday turned out to be just as crazy for the Top 25 and beyond.  In the SEC alone, 5 SEC teams lost games.  Alabama lost to SE Louisiana, Auburn lost to Radford, Georgia lost to Baylor, Kentucky lost to Illinois-Chicago, and MSU lost to Belmont.

But it was the top 25 that took a beating yesterday.  The mighty Blue Hens of Delaware beat #9 Arizona State in Tempe,  Toledo beat #16 Louisville in the Ville, #30 Cal (Yes the same Cal that is losing baseball after this year) beat #17 Coastal Carolina, St. Mary’s beat #19 Oregon on the road,  Long Beach beat #23 Arizona, Radford beat #27 Auburn at Auburn, Oregon State beat #28 UConn, and SE Louisiana beat #29 Alabama in Mobile.

What will happen today?  Who knows.  But you can follow all the action online.  On Twitter, follow @sebaseball for in game commentary, and check out D1Baseball for all the latest scores.

Time for me to head to the ballpark.  Watch for ingame tweets from me @leftfieldlounge and I will post some pics during and after the game.

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