Louisville Slugger brand sold to Wilson for $70M

(Photo: The (Louisville, Ky.) Courier-Journal)

What is the world coming to.  When I was a kid growing up, you always swung a Louisville Slugger wooden bat.  In high school, my bat of choice was a 34 inch 36 ounce Louisville Slugger.  Then by the time my senior year came around, they had switched to aluminum bats, or as my friend Dixon Williams used to refer to them, “bink bats” because of that distinctive sound.

I wonder what will become of the Louisville Slugger Freshmen of the year, the Sliver Slugger award, and the Preseason High School All Americans.

I guess tradition is passing on.  Think I will be sure to get me a Louisiville Slugger in Omaha this year before they are replaced by some coporatized sounding bat.

Louisville Slugger brand sold to Wilson for $70M.

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