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Forde-Yard Dash: Bowl edition – Yahoo Sports

Image courtesy Sports.Yahoo.com

Once again, this is not a baseball related article, but then again, it IS almost Christmas, and baseball does not start up again until mid February.  Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports offers up this interesting and humorous take on all the bowl games that start up Saturday Dec 19 at 11 AM CT.  Take a look and see how he picks all the games.

Source: Forde-Yard Dash: Bowl edition – Yahoo Sports

Bowl games are what they are…just about money

Image courtesy Wikimedia.org

I know…this has nothing to do with baseball.  And I know you will all be happy when it is baseball season so you will have something good to keep up with here.  But I felt the urge to do some writing today.  It came about as the commissioner of the MWC complained because two of his teams were placed head to head in a bowl game, and he didn’t like it.  So let’s just take a look at things shall we? Read more

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