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Televising the CWS a hectic but rewarding production – Omaha.com: CWS

When it comes to the College World Series, ESPN coordinating producer Tom McNeeley says he has one main goal. “We want to make people wish they were here,” he said. “If we can do that, then we’ve done our job.”

Once upon a time many many years ago, I worked in video production.  Back in the early 80’s, I had the opportunity to work weekends freelancing with several video production companies that broadcast football and basketball games, as well as other events.  At the time, my main role was that of Technical Director.  The TD is the guy on the right of this picture.  The director would call the camera shot he wanted to see, and the TD is responsible for getting it to air along with any graphics, special effects, and transitions.

Granted, times have changed.  I think the most cameras I have had to handle was 8 and 3 slo-mo machines.  Today’s productions are much more sophisticated.  In those days, we were housed in a production truck that was cramped.  As this picture shows, today’s production facilities are much more uptown!

Give the article below a read, and see what the folks who bring you any live televised event go through.  And yes, this includes the guys at HailState video productions.  Those videos on the Jumbotron don’t just miracle themselves up there.

Feel free to share any thoughts or stories of your own if you worked video prodcution.

Source: Televising the CWS a hectic but rewarding production – Omaha.com: CWS

And then there was BASEBALL

The goal.  It starts in the fall. And it’s the same as every year.  OMAHA.  The College World Series. The best of the best. The team worked hard, scrimmaged hard, prepared for the off season hard. Read more

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