Tip of the Cap to Some Former Diamond Dogs

Tip of the Cap to Some Former Diamond Dogs



Tip of the Cap to Some Former Diamond Dogs

Ben and Seth with Emma and Boone

I just wanted to take a minute and share an moment from the past weekend.  A buddy of mine was down from Tupelo with his daughter and son.  There were sitting on our trailer out in the lounge, and several former Diamond Dogs were on the trailer in front of us.


They were enjoying a weekend in town before they headed off to spring training or graduate school or just jobs.  Evan Mitchell was one of the guys, and I hollered down at him just to say hello.  When he waved back, Emma lit up with a smile.  You see, Emma had gone to Omaha in 2013 to the College World Series, and she loves MSU baseball.  So when she saw them she was ecstatic.


I told her to go down and say hello to them and get a picture of them, that they would not mind.  Well she was a little shy, and didn’t want to go down because she thought they were too busy.  So I hollered down to Will Cox who was sitting with the group, and asked could Emma and her brother come get a picture, he stood up and smiled and waved them both down.


Emma and Boone got to spend some time with Ben, Alex, Will, Preston, and Evan. Thanks for the time guys!!

They ran down the steps of our trailer and went down and talked to Seth Heck, and Alex Detz and Preston Brown and Will Cox and Evan Mitchell and Ben Bracewell.  The guys took time with the kids, and posed for pictures with them, and made them feel really special.

Just wanted to say thanks to the guys, because even as former Diamond Dawg players, they still took time with their fans.  Classy as ever.  Gave those kids a memory they immediately came back and shared with everyone on our trailer, and sent pics to their family and friends.  A day they will always remember.

hanks guys.  It’s true…once a Bulldog, always a Bulldog.

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