Twas the night before baseballl

Thursday night in Starkville.  I left the office about 5:30 this evening just as the sun was beginning to set.  Drove out to Dudy Noble to take a look at the field one more time before the season starts.  Akron was just finishing their practice session; MSU had already practiced, and Lamar had not yet made it to the field.

The stadium crew was in the stands doing a final cleanup before the gates open tomorrow.  Blowers were blowing the loose dirt off the seats in preparation for the season opener tomorrow.

Finally, the sun was gone, the lights were on, and there was a feeling of baseball in the air.  There was a slight breeze, and a full moon in the night sky.  Somewhere, someone had a grill going, and the smell of charcoal and barbeque hung in the cool night air.  Everything is pointing to a great start to the season.  Like the Beatles song, “Here Comes the Sun”, and with it, the 2011 College baseball season.

Twas indeed the night before baseball.  By 11 AM, we will be hanging out in the sunshine, firing up the grill, and enjoying the start to the season.  WHEN you get out to the stadium, be sure to drop by at some point during the weekend or the season and say hello.

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